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Tel. +39 0461 585282
+39 0461 585282

A relaxing vacation at the Residence Hotel Eden in Andalo: combine the purifying effect of heat with vitalizing water and ice to end with the relaxing effect of Himalayan Salts.

The Eden Spa offers:


  • Finnish sauna and Soft Sauna
  • Turkish bath with fragrance
  • Ice cabin
  • Cold snow
  • Kneipp circuit
  • Single hydromassage jet tub with essential oils


  • Embracing restful salts

Relaxation cabin with Himalayan salts

Rest with salts
Temperature (įc): 30įC
Humidity (%): 40%
Duration(min.): 25 ? 30 min.
Frequency: 1 seating
Benefits: deep and intense breathing, soft, moist skin
Exclusive materials: salt bricks or rock salt extracts from 800 meters below sea level
Climate: 30įc and 40% relative humidity; pleasant, socializing, non-invasive and for everyone
Benefits (ionization): encourages strengthening of the respiratory tracts, remineralizing the skin

Welcoming room, restful salts

Essential during or at the end of treatments in the wet area of the spa and recommended after time in water or after a beauty treatment.

The body, after having undergone high temperatures and the cold reaction, must complete the return to the initial metabolic functions by resting.

The comfort, ergonomics and anatomical fit of the lounge chair can make all the difference.

The proper anatomical position is essential to allow the blood to flow correctly; the lower limbs must thus be at the same height as the heart.

The organism needs to be at rest, and well covered. Drinking a tisane helps recover fluids lost while perspiring.

Usually in 20 minutes the functions are re-stabilized, perspiration ends, the heart rate slows, the mind expands, and the body exudes a very strong feeling of wellness.